rachel teresa park

a freelance graphic designer
located in victoria, bc.


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Waves Coffee House

Personal/School Project

Branding, Packaging Design, Print Design

"The challenge is to totally re-design an existing franchise by re-branding it or by entirely re-creating it with a new name, logo and graphic identity for it and demonstrate this across a number of key applications."

My Challenge: to create a coffee shop that is unique in an over-saturated market.

My Concept: There are not a lot of options for coffee shops that are open past 11pm and there is an untapped target audience of students, freelancers, productive humans who come alive, thrive, and do their best work at night. Waves will become the place to be for these late-night workers. They are looking for a safe space to be awake and productive, outside of their own home. A fertile work environment that is neither isolating or crowding.
With this in mind, Waves has a new target audience, new differentiators and new look.

New Target Audience: university students, young freelancers, young professionals, single, renting

New Differentiators:

  • Open late (3am)
  • Appropriately placed plug-ins for computers built into desks
  • Appropriately placed USB plug-ins for USB devices built into the desks
  • Ability to lock your computer to the table so customers can comfortably leave their desk
  • Printer available for use in store
  • Ability to text in an order, either prior to arriving or from your table so you don’t have to leave your stuff if you don’t want to

This piece was created at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Inspiration/Mood Board

Inspiration/Mood Board

Logo Thought Process

Logo Thought Process

Logo and Logo Alternatives

Logo + Logo Alternatives

Colour Palettes and Use of Colour in the Logo

Colour Palettes + Use of Colour in the Logo

Store Exterior Applications

Store Exterior Applications

Menu Design
Interior Design, Table Size

Interior Design, Table Size

Take-Home Coffee Bag Design
Coffee Cup Design
Employee Pins/T-Shirts

Employee Pins/T-Shirts

Mobile Application

Application Framework

Application Framework

Application Mockup