rachel teresa park

an art director
located in victoria, bc.


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Double Barrel Brewing Co.

Personal/School Project

Packaging Design, Rebrand

“To develop and design a brand identity for a consumer product. Although you will be designing a totally new product identity, you will base your project on an existing product, one which you will re-position to a new market/consumer demographic; or a product which you are inspired to modify or alter because of a consumer insight.”

Started with Innis & Gunn brewery (one of my favourites), and wanted to create a rebrand that was more approachable to a younger male audience. While working on this project in school, I was employed at the local liquor store and noticed that the primary purchases of Innis & Gunn are older men (which blew my mind as it is one of my go-to beers when given a choice).

Taking the concept of finishing off the beer in whiskey, rum, etc. barrels, and gaining huge inspiration from a collection of prohibition images, I went off running.


This piece was created at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Double Barrel Brewing Co. Brand inspiration.


Double Barrel Brewing Co. 6 Pack Design and Bottle Cap.

6 Pack Design and Bottle Cap

Double Barrel Brewing Co. coaster design.


Double Barrel Brewing Co. label design.

Label Close-Up

Double Barrel Brewing Co. label design.
Double Barrel Brewing Co. label design.

The Line-Up: The Whiskey, The Bourbon, The Rum