rachel teresa park

a freelance graphic designer and art director
located in victoria, bc.


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Bistro 1882

Bistro 1882

Rachel Teresa Park and Mike Strasky

Okotoks, AB

Menu Design, Web Design, Web Development, Food Photography

Bistro 1882 is a small, casual restaurant in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada and was looking for a refresh. A dated website and menu was not communicating the quality that Bistro 1882 stood for. The only stipulation: the menus had to be made using musthavemenus.com so the restaurant owner could make adjustments on the fly for their frequently changing menu. Yes, yes, a graphic designer's worst nightmare (I too cringed initially) but I was up for the challenge! After tussling with the program I am happy to say that I created an updated and easier to read menu for a primarily older clientele while still being clean and modern enough to be attractive to a younger audience. Of course, a complimentary website and photography that did the food justice now better represent the quality that is Bistro 1882. Their sales almost doubled the next few months after launch and the trend hasn't shown signs of slowing down.

Bistro 1882 Menu Design

Lunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Wine List

Bistro 1882 Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Bistro 1882
Bistro 1882 website design.

One page website.

Food Photography

Bistro 1882 food photography.
Bistro 1882 food photography.
Bistro 1882 food photography.
Bistro 1882 food photography.
Bistro 1882 food photography.